through her eyes

While we were on our spring break trip to Detroit and North Carolina, Wren really got into taking pictures with my phone’s camera. And I really got into seeing what SHE was seeing. Here are a few captures through Wren’s eyes. Enjoy!

You’ll see that she spent a good deal of time exploring the selfie feature. Apparently this is popular with all ages…





This is one of my very favorites.




I thought it would be fun to take a screenshot of a bunch of her selfies. She exhibits quite the range of character and emotion. This we know well…


Speaking of cameras and kids’ photography, do your kids have their own digital camera to use? I’ve seen kids-type cameras and have wondered about them. I’ve also wondered about getting a used iSomething-or-other for her to use the camera feature on it. Thoughts? Please share!

spring break

It’s spring break in northern Michigan. We took the weekend to have a mini “up north” getaway with some good friends. We weren’t basking in the sun with a cabana boy bringing us fruity beverages, but it was nice to get away. It was particularly refreshing to be away from ye ole Internet too so I’m going to extend that a bit this week. Happy spring, lovelies!

Click on, please and thank you

Almost 50 and sunny here today! The robins are twerping, the crocus are blooming, the puddles are growing. Bye bye, winter, bye bye. Wait a minute! Didn’t we already go through this?! Ahem. We’ve got some fun things planned for tonight and Saturday, but Sunday? Nothing planned, just how we like it. Any fun weekend plans, lovelies? Thanks for clicking in on me today. Here are a few things I thought you might like. Enjoy!

Happy April, friends. Was that the longest March EVER? Whew.

spring break… in a box!

One thing that always helps me to get out of a woe-is-me funk is to cheer someone else up. So a few days ago I decided to make a “Spring Break… in a box!” for a good friend who also lives in the frozen, crusty, will spring ever come?, upper midwest. She just started a new job and you know what that means, lovelies: no vacation any time soon. So I shipped off this fun box to her this week and I can’t wait to hear her response. Hopefully she has a spectacular trip and sends me a postcard! Shhh, it’s a surprise!

Contents? The basics for a DIY living room Spring Break! Crank up the heat, pop in some cheesy music, throw the drink on ice… Relax!

  • a flowery lei
  • orange flip-flops
  • a couple shells
  • a fun cup
  • some tequila and orange juice
  • a few drink umbrellas
  • beach ball
  • and a coconut!

Full disclosure: I was inspired to make this gift from You Are My Fave’s Birthday in a Box idea. So cute, right?

P.S. Lovelies, don’t tell the USPS that I sent alcohol in the mail…

the beach!

Since it’s Spring Break here in northern Michigan, we decided to go to the beach. And it wasn’t crowded at all! I guess everyone decided to go to another beach a little further south? Although it was a bit chilly, the sun felt so good on our cheeks. And we actually enjoyed what’s left of this wacky winter without bemoaning being home when seemingly everyone else is someplace warmer and sunnier and more exotic.

Speaking (err, writing) of exotic. I’m not sure what the scientific name for this wild natural phenomenon is, but check it out. It’s just plain weird, no? And beautiful too. Oh how we love you, Lake Michigan. You and all your strange and wonderful ice formations.

It was a treat to find some open sand to walk on too – not even frozen! Before we know it, we’ll have sand in our sheets again. And probably complaining about the heat… Ha!

Do you find that when you spend time with a child, you use your imagination more? It’s fun to pretend that it’s summer sometimes, no? Chris and the little birdie decided to lie down in the sun for a little while… Such squirrely people, I love those two.

Happy Spring Break, lovelies, wherever you may be!

pina colada, anyone?

So I decided to stop feeling so sorry for myself that we weren’t lounging around at an all-inclusive resort this week. And I picked up a bottle of pina colada mix and some fun drink umbrellas. Voila! Instant Spring Break. Funny how just having a tiny taste of the tropics can be enough for some family fun at home. And my grumpy pants are gone. This is something for which everyone in our nest is very thankful…

Have any other ideas for a fun Spring Break at home?