spring break… in a box!

One thing that always helps me to get out of a woe-is-me funk is to cheer someone else up. So a few days ago I decided to make a “Spring Break… in a box!” for a good friend who also lives in the frozen, crusty, will spring ever come?, upper midwest. She just started a new job and you know what that means, lovelies: no vacation any time soon. So I shipped off this fun box to her this week and I can’t wait to hear her response. Hopefully she has a spectacular trip and sends me a postcard! Shhh, it’s a surprise!

Contents? The basics for a DIY living room Spring Break! Crank up the heat, pop in some cheesy music, throw the drink on ice… Relax!

  • a flowery lei
  • orange flip-flops
  • a couple shells
  • a fun cup
  • some tequila and orange juice
  • a few drink umbrellas
  • beach ball
  • and a coconut!

Full disclosure: I was inspired to make this gift from You Are My Fave’s Birthday in a Box idea. So cute, right?

P.S. Lovelies, don’t tell the USPS that I sent alcohol in the mail…

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