Wren started kindergarten last week. How did that happen?! I can’t quite believe it, but at the same time it seems just about right. She’s absolutely ready for it and tells me that so far she’s “rocking Kindergarten!” The day after Kindergarten started she was singing and dancing around, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this day. I’m finally in Kindergarten!” Um, OK, five year old…

Even though she’s excited about it, full of confidence, popping out of bed in the morning, excited about new friends and learning Spanish and writer’s workshop… I have been grieving the loss of my baby. It really struck me right before Kindergarten started. I was a wreck. But the day came I was able to hold it together. This isn’t really about me. Roots and wings, roots and wings.

You’ve got roots and we’ll continue to nourish those for the rest of your life, but birdie, you’ve got WINGS. Fly!

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year of the horse


Many people begin again by making goals and resolutions in January, but I like to start in February. So. Happy February! Happy Year of the Horse. It’s going to be a great year. It really is.

Instead of focusing on the trite resolutions I always think about like feeling comfortable running after the girls on the beach in a bikini, never eating sugar again, or putting my clothes away every night and learning how to fold a fitted sheet, I’m going to keep things simple. But bold.

Create. Love. Sweat. Grow. Pray. Act.


ABCs Google style

Have you ever done a quick rundown on your Google searches? I just did one. Pretty interesting! Just type the first letter and the Google search field will fill in what you last (?) searched for with that letter…

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paleo coconut curry chicken soup

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rose bowl 2014 playing on what tv channel

slow cooker cabbage vegetable soup


up north ABCs

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waterfall quote


yvestown blog




a November garden

Creating The Perfect Garden that’s both easy to maintain and rewarding is to put some simple design ideas in place suggest from very knowledge professionals from tree trimming Boise. What a strange garden we’ve had this year. Hardly any peas, beans or melon, not one single carrot, but lots of tomatoes, basil and oh my goodness, the tomatillos!

And radishes as big as the human heart. I am not joking. Potatoes, yes indeed. And just the perfect amount of delicata squash to get us through the winter. We harvested the last of our bounty just the other day. It was a long, strange growing season this year, lovelies. How did your garden grow? I got amazing inspirational ideas from a landscape company where the cost of tree removal was very affordable and helped me organized the space for my children to help in the garden too.


The simplest way to start is to just buy a succulent from your nearest garden center. Even a small one inch potted plant can produce cuttings or leaves for propagation. Purchasing and planting seeds with children is another easy way to start, and it can be safe with organic fertilizer for lawn care. If you want to be a little more adventurous go to one of your neighbors or friends with your child and simply ask if the two of you can get a cutting, pup or leaf from one of their plants. If you’d like to lear more, click here for an informative guide on different soil mixes.

Slow and steady

So I’m inside the house and I hear Wren from the backyard, “Hey, Mama, I found a turtle!” Lo and behold, we have ourselves a new turtle. Funny girl! Although I still look at the turtle and shake my head most of the time, I love the new incarnation. My birdie is also a turtle. Slow and steady. Who am I kidding? More like quick and dynamic.

Lovelies, I have so much to share with you from our trip to North Carolina. And about hopes for this year’s garden because my personal lawn boy (err, Chris) arrived this week with his Dad’s rototiller so our garden IS going to happen too. Really, it just has to, doesn’t it? And a birthday party to plan for a certain almost 3 (!) year old. And hardly any sleep at night with the littlest birdie awake every two hours or so, oof. But really in the face of life with the turtle birdies, I have been SLAMMED with work, which is a good thing, but still. Fun stories to write and beautiful photos to share. Soon, soon, soon (ish).

Miss you!