Be squirrely!?

About me.

Welcome to my blog about creating a nest worth sharing in the bustling metropolis of northern Michigan. I’m tickled that you’re here and I hope you enjoy my drivel. My name is Ashlea Walter. I’m a thirty-something Mama to two little birdies, Wren Sabina and Phoebe Jane. I have a wonderful husband, Chris, and we enjoy fixing up our 1928 “bungalonial,” but we’d rather sit on the porch together and wait patiently for the hairless cat across the street to emerge.

So what’s with all the squirrel stuff?

I have a long-standing love/hate relationship with squirrels. I admire their tenacity, strength, agility, perseverance, fluffy tails and general way of life. My daily mantra, therefore, is “Be Squirrely!” But. I do not like it when they eat all my crocus and tulip bulbs. Hmmpphh.

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Thank you so much for clicking in on me, lovelies!