through her eyes

While we were on our spring break trip to Detroit and North Carolina, Wren really got into taking pictures with my phone’s camera. And I really got into seeing what SHE was seeing. Here are a few captures through Wren’s eyes. Enjoy!

You’ll see that she spent a good deal of time exploring the selfie feature. Apparently this is popular with all ages…





This is one of my very favorites.




I thought it would be fun to take a screenshot of a bunch of her selfies. She exhibits quite the range of character and emotion. This we know well…


Speaking of cameras and kids’ photography, do your kids have their own digital camera to use? I’ve seen kids-type cameras and have wondered about them. I’ve also wondered about getting a used iSomething-or-other for her to use the camera feature on it. Thoughts? Please share!

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  1. Ash! If you could hold on a bit… we will be getting rid of our phones… they are iPhones… 3… but hey one would be good for photos I am sure… tell me what you think!

    xoxoxooxoxox moi

    On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 2:03 PM, Be Squirrely

  2. I love Wren’s selfie! How cute!!

    When Toby and I upgraded to a nicer camera, we gave my old point-and-shoot digital camera to my niece. She loved it and since it was an older model and not anyone’s primary camera, if she broke it, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. But it was really fun to see her snapping photos.

  3. Our son really really wanted to have a camera. We have been holding off for a bit and then we gave our son an old Lumix camera for his 6th birthday.

    He promptly set about taking pictures of his sister’s in various forms of undress. We had to suspend his use of the camera for a while. Maybe a little later he will not feel impelled to use the camera as a way to harass his older siblings.

    I have seen kids who use one appropriately and it is very interesting the kinds of pictures they take because the perspective as a kid is interesting. What they choose to shoot, the vantage they see the world from, the way they experiment with the settings. All of that is awesome, but not everything they may decide to do with it will be quite so inspiring.

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