winter survival 101

I’m often asked by people who don’t live in the frozen north country how we “survive” winter here. People, this isn’t the tundra. We have Target after all. That being said (err, written), it IS cold, snowy and dark in northern Michigan. Some say winter lasts about six months. I got to thinking about this winter and what’s helped me “survive.” A few things come to mind, not to mention the obvious: butter, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Most of the day I wear several layers and am often seen sipping hot beverages, wearing these ultra warm and cozy LL Bean slippers, knee-high Smartwool socks and slathered with my favorite Weleda face and lip balms. It’s not the prettiest picture, but it works. For fun, I’ve been meeting up with a group of ladies about once a week for a ski (peppermint schnapps, anyone?) on some local trails. Truth be told, at the end of each winter (April?!) I get a bit sad to put my skis and heavy sweaters away. Plus, our main source of common bellyaching will have vanished in a big rainy, muddy onslaught of spring. Whatever will we talk about in the check-out aisles?! Oh yeah, the heat of summer and the tourists.

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