just plain weird

How are things in your nests today, lovelies? Cold and snowy here at 605, big surprise. It was actually blindingly bright and sunny earlier today when Wren and I were on our way across town. Every time I turned a corner, the sun seemed to blast her in the back seat and she would scream, “sun, all done! Sun, all done!” Of course, I too was caught off-guard as I had no idea where my sunglasses were hiding because I didn’t think I’d really need them for at least another three months. And this is being optimistic. Don’t laugh.

So in an effort to transport ourselves someplace warm and sunny without slathering on the white goopy stuff, we tried another tropical fruit in our mini-series: Kiwano Melon, say what? We also tried some starfruit the other day with mixed reviews.

You know you live in the midwest US when this looks very alien to you. But wait, it gets weirder.

The weird oozing fruit reminded me a bit of a cucumber, except more expensive and I wouldn’t dare pickle it. Hmmpph. Chris and I didn’t really enjoy it (at all), but someone else seemed to be very intrigued. She loved it and hated it at the same time… that funny little birdie!


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