Invites. Check!

So I’m a bit behind in Wren’s birthday party planning. I JUST got the invites out and the party’s on the 30th… Did I mention that I was a bit behind? But I’m really happy with the design. Just wish I had gotten it done last week. Alas…

  • Invites. Check!
  • Birthday banner. Check! Although I had a ridiculous (?) thought yesterday that I would make a new one in fuchsia and tangerine to match the other party elements…
  • Cups and napkins. Check!
  • Cupcake ingredients. Check!
  • Candle in the shape of a number one. Check!
  • Menu of sugary goodness. Check!
  • Thumbelina zinnia plants growing well for the favors. Check!
  • Party dress. Check!
  • Beautiful weather…. ?
  • Thinking of making some of these wheatgrass centerpieces for the dessert table. Have you ever done this? I like these. How springy!

Now I’m pondering a fun activity for the older kids – other than eating sugar. Any ideas, dear readers?

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  1. I can’t wait for the party – it sounds like so much fun! What a great idea for a plant exchange. Activities for the older kids? Hmmmmm…. there’s always sidewalk chalk. Jump ropes? A long jump rope so several can jump? Hopscotch? Ask Nic – I’m sure she has plenty of ideas. I love the invitations – so cute. xoxoxo Mutti – love you all.

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