Grapefruit pits?

I am no hippy. But (you could see that coming, right?) I have been trying to go a deeper shade of green in our nest and this weekend, I admit to experiencing what I will coin a “happy hippy moment.” Our nest used up all the homemade laundry soap that I posted about last month so I decided to make a double batch this time.

While Chris mowed the lawn with Wren on his back…

I decided to make a batch of homemade deodorant (not anti-perspirant) that I read about a while back on How About Orange’s blog. It appealed to me because I’ve tried just about every “natural” deodorant out there with mixed results and I cringe when I think of all the sticks I’ve thrown away (err, recycled, but still) over the years. For the last few months I had been using Tom’s and of course, like most of the crunchy ones, it smells pretty good (lavender), but the smell doesn’t last and by the end of the day, I’m smelling a bit too ripe. God forbid if I run or practice yoga then smell my pits. Alright, enough personal blah blah blah about my arm pits. Moving on.

Furthermore, the crunchy stuff is pretty darn expensive so this DIY deodorant was sounding more and more desirable. But was it going to actually work? I often have that gut-reaction to a DIY crunchy solution to life’s battles. Probably because the marketing wizards and all the fancy pants packaging has convinced me that there’s no way a “home remedy” was going to work…

But I’m here to tell you that after a weekend of wearing it, I’m thrilled with the results. Really! I wish again for a scratch-and-sniff blog feature so you could’ve smelled my pits after a kick-a** ashtanga yoga practice this morning, but alas, no such luck. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I guess you’ll just have to have a “happy hippy moment” of your own and make some. You will not be sorry.

Grapefruit Pits Deodorant

1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup arrowroot powder
4 tablespoons coconut oil
10 drops/shakes grapefruit essential oil
A tin or jar with lid

This amount will probably last about 4-5 months. Wow!

How to:

In a bowl, stir together your dry ingredients, then add the oils gradually until you like the consistency, mixing together with a fork. Note: Mine got a bit too thick to stir together at one point so I zapped it in the microwave to increase the viscosity and made it oh-so-easy to stir. Scoop into your container of choice and store the closed container at room temperature.

To apply, scoop up a bit with your finger, hold it against your skin for a couple seconds so it melts a little, then rub around.

Absolutely lovely! Thanks, How About Orange, for the great tutorial. I’ll be forever thankful.

How was your weekend, dear readers? Any progress on your gardens? Did you kick back and read a good book? Eat anything good? I’d love to hear about it.


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  1. I have to try this, especially after reading your testimony that it actually works. The store-bought “crunchy” deodorant is too high-priced for our budget–so I love that this homemade version is affordable AND healthy!

  2. How grainy is the deodorant? I have a homemade recipe I use (that doesn’t call for arrowroot & uses shea butter & cocoa butter instead of coconut oil) that I like, but sometimes it does cause some minor irritation.

    • Lauren, thank you! I have baking soda and vinegar in the house. Why not try it? All-natural shampoo is way too expensive and a ridiculous use of packaging, no? Thanks for the tip!

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