Family Wisdom Conference!

What are you doing on Saturday, April 17? We hope to be checking out the Family Wisdom Conference in Traverse City. There are so many interesting sessions that it’ll be difficult to pick which ones we’ll go to… music, yoga, finger plays, oh my! Register by April 13 to secure your complimentary lunch from The Dish. Let me think about it for a minute… um, ok!

Check it out!

Family Wisdom Conference on Saturday, April 17

Welcoming Words and Slide Show Presentation set to Live Music by Kat Eldred 9:00-9:30

Session I ~ 9:45-10:45

Giving Birth Naturally with Kathi Mulder, CPM. What does a natural, physiological birth look like? Using Midwives as care providers, learn how to plan for natural birth in & out of hospital, including water birth.

Cleansing from Within with Jena Hullman, DC. We strive to clean up our lives, our homes, our cars… what about our bodies? A non-toxic body improves our physical, mental and emotional self. Learn easy whole-body internal cleansing ideas, recipes and programs.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with Jill Donberg, MAcOM. Among the oldest healing practices in the world, Oriental medicine can do more than relieve symptoms. Learn the facts about its uses, benefits, and see how it can teach you about yourself. The session will close with an acupuncture demonstration.

Healthy Foundations: Talking with Your Child About Healthy Sexuality with Janna Deering. Learn about healthy sexuality & development from birth throughout childhood, how to answer sensitive questions, how to teach about appropriate public and private behavior, and how to become an “ask-able” parent or care-giver.

Music Together with Georgia O’Brien.  A hands-on demonstration of Music Together curriculum and classes will be provided for families of young children. Be prepared to move and shake with your kids, because making music as a family is what it’s all about!

Children’s Stories and Fingerplays with Rosie Flickinger. Wigglers Storytime is sharing the love of books and reading through stories, songs, fingerplays and fun. For preschoolers, their families & friends. Storytime lasts about 30 minutes followed by snacks and a craft.

Session II ~ 11:15-12:15

Elimination Communication with Zane Kathryne Schwaiger & Kristen Burgess. Can babies use the toilet? E. C. is a practice used by families all over the world to help babies eliminate out of their diapers. We will talk about our experiences with our own babies and share some helpful tips for successful infant and toddler pottying.

Getting Your Children to Follow Directions with Jerry O’Hearn MA, LLPC. Do you find yourself telling your child to do something several times? Does your comply only when you “yell” at him/her? Jerry will discuss giving Good Directions and demonstrate simple, practical steps that you’ll be able to apply immediately.

Maximizing Your Family’s Potential Through Health & Wellness with Kurt Froese, DC. Learn how simple lifestyle habits such as proper nutrition, exercise, coping with stress, and family unity can have a profound impact upon a family. Maximize your family’s human potential through these simple wellness measures!

The Revolution Has Been Funded. How a Bush Era program provides the funding to act locally and have an impact globally with Bill Watson. Learn more about SEEDS and its 21st Century Community Learning Centers which works with at risk youth and families in ten high needs schools in five counties. SEEDS After School teaches green collar job skills while working to connect disconnected students to the environment, improve academics and provide them with the support and life skills they need to be successful.

Vermicompost for Kids (and Adults!) with Angela Stricker. This session is a hands-on introduction to the world of worm composting. Learn what worms eat and why everyone should have worms.

Yoga for Kids with Kyna Getsinger. We will stretch, move, play and sing with yoga for kids and babies.

Lunch 12:15-1:15. Repeat Performance of Slideshow, 12:30-1:00

Session III ~ 1:15-2:15

Boys, Boys, Boys with Heather Shumaker. Perplexed by the boys in your life? Learn to help active kids—especially boys—channel energy. Learn how to talk and listen to boys. What are the benefits of rough-and-tumble play? Take home ideas to make your home or school more boy-friendly.  This session is focused on the preschool age group, and may benefit parents of girls as well as boys.

Good Weeds…. Medicine in Your Own Backyard with Anne Hughes, FNP. Plants are gentle, yet effective healers. In this session you will learn to identify and safely use plants that grow where you live. With a little advance planning and a few square feet of soil, you can plant a medicine garden for yourself and your family.

Momma-Baby Bellydance with Kim Barnes. New moms & moms-to-be connect to your growing & changing body in ways that empower and make you feel good about yourself. Improve balance, coordination, muscle tone and have a great time while preparing for or recovering from your own personal birthing experience.

Resources for Living with Food Allergies & Other Restricted Diets with Nessa Butler. Restricted diets due to allergies or other issues can be frustrating and expensive. This session will provide some basic info about discovering allergies and food intolerances in your own family, and what to do once you know what to avoid. We will focus on recipes; ingredient sourcing, breastfeeding the allergic child, and helping kids cope physically, mentally and emotionally.

Why Music? with Susan Raguse and Traverse Community Music. Susan and her team of teachers and students will discuss the personal and educational value of music lessons, answer audience questions and demonstrate various instruments in an interactive ” musical petting zoo” that children will be able to see and “try”.

Creative Dramatics for Children with Mychelle Hopkins. Traverse City Children’s Theatre Director, Mychelle Hopkins, will lead participants in some creative dramatic exercises and theatre games. Information will be given on various youth and family-friendly programs offered by TCCT and the Old Town Playhouse.

Session IV ~ 2:45-3:45

Mothering the Mother: Benefits of Doula Care with Megan Rizzo, Melissa Waterstripe & Sairy Franks. Three local doulas will discuss the benefits of doula support for women, their partners, and families during pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. If you are pregnant, you deserve a doula and we’ll show you why!

Cooking From Your CSA Share with Jennifer Welty. Grow your culinary talents! In this session you’ll learn easy techniques to prepare delicious meals using fruits and veggies from your CSA share or other local food source. Learn the basics of food preservation through freezing, pickling, drying, canning and jelly making.

Homeopathy for Family Health with Heidi Kistler. This session will cover a brief overview of Homeopathy, which includes the Homeopathic principles and how Homeopathy works. It will also include descriptions of some of the more widely used remedies and how they work with certain conditions.

Free & Low-Cost Family Outings in Northern Michigan Panel with Jenika Burden, Kristi Weadock, Pam Darling & Ethan Scott. Representatives from Traverse City KidsTART Trails, & Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore will provide a variety of practical & engaging activities for children to experience in the Grand Traverse region.

How to Draw Animals Using Simple Shapes and Letters with Russ Ryba. Kids will learn how to draw funny-looking cartoon animals using simple shapes and letters. Children as well as adults and parents are welcome. Materials will be provided. Clear space on the refrigerator to show your amazing creations when you get home!

Kid’s Fitness for the Mind & Body with Brandi Johnson. Children discover exercises they enjoy by experimenting with movement. Learning health habits can be simple and playful!

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