water winter wonderland.

I love living near the Great Lakes. It’s a dynamic place – remember when it was a “water winter wonderland?” Today’s it’s a bit snowy and a lot blowy and I just want to snuggle up with my little birdie. You know the joke, “if you don’t like the weather in Michigan, just wait a few minutes… it’ll change.” Apparently, a lot of places say that. BUT do you have Blue Moon ice cream where you live? Supposedly, Blue Moon originated in Michigan and that’s something of which to be VERY proud. Hey, we don’t have a lot these days in poor Michigan so we gotta find our pride where we can…

Are you too a lover of the Great Lakes? Then check out these cool things and “say yes to Michigan!”:

Poster from Ork Posters

“You’re great!” Love these cards from the Cracked Design Etsy store.

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  1. i love your blog, Ash!
    great find on the MI designs … i met the designer at the ‘Renegade Art Fair’ in Chicago this Christmas – ended up buying 6 tee shirts – they’re so cool!
    ciao from the other side of the Lake!

      • The Ork folks – and they had lots of treasures / color combinations I hadn’t seen before. I’m also intrigued by the prospect of a poster, but not yet sure where I’d put it (or where I’d find a perfect frame), so I’m resisting for now….

  2. I am so happy to know I am not the only one with huge Michigan pride! I love the poster…it might fit perfectly in my living room! Your blog is one of the best distractions I have all day, thanks for allowing me a glimpse into your life!

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