Target Treasures.

I hope to post an occasional item I will–now!–coin a Target Treasure. These items will be made from something I find for dirt cheap at le (la???) Target Boutique (aka, Target) and then either repurpose or individualize. Fun, right?!

Target Treasure 1 :: Christmas Tree Skirt

I know this is trite, but having a child sure made Christmas a helluva lot of fun again. But all during Advent I looked at our tree and pondered how it looked awfully naked; the poor tree didn’t have any clothes! But I didn’t want to buy it a skirt. There really were some cute ones in the stores, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. It helped that I didn’t really have the money to spend either. Funny how that (sometimes) works.

So after Christmas, there was a big sale at Joann Fabrics (I can’t bring myself to just call it ‘Joann’ like they want me to) and I bought a couple yards of this cute birdie flannel fabric–super duper discounted! And–lucky me!–I had a coupon on top of that so it only ended up costing me about $6. Highway Robbery! And then the fabric sat around and waited for me for a week or so, but it needed something. I found myself perusing the 90% off Christmas section at Target around that time and found a $.99 basic red flannel tree skirt with the cutesy white ball edging thingy. What do you call that anyway, dear readers? Ooh la la, I found the magically missing piece.

So I cut out the birdie fabric to go on top of the red flannel and sewed it all together, letting some of the red show around the edges. Isn’t it cute and kitschy and a steal of a deal? I’m pretty happy with it and next year our tree won’t be streakin’ around anymore. So there you have it, folks, Target Treasure #1.


  • I’ve gotten our nest in a food rut with too many legume-oriented soups so for the next week I’m going to make things I’ve never made before. Tonight, yum.
  • Orange is my favorite color today. Yessirreee.
  • I’ve been trying to detox from too much sugar, fat and white stuff over the holidays and it’s made my feel cruddy and crabby. Funny how it does that… Funny too how after another day or two of resisting the crap, I’ll feel like a million bucks. Maybe.
  • Are you excited about the new Apple tablet that’s supposedly coming out soon? At first, I had no interest and couldn’t comprehend how it might ‘revolutionize’ anything. After watching these videos, I’m beginning to see just how cool they could be. You?


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