Michigan coffee?

First things first. I’ve been chuckling ever since buying this ‘Lake Michigan Morning Blend’ Michigan coffee the other day. The clerk at the grocery store said, “Wow! I like, didn’t know that coffee was even like grown in Michigan! That is like sooo cool!” Of course, the know-it-all that I am responded with, “well, it’s not actually grown in Michigan…” His eyes started to glaze over when I rambled on about the coffee being imported and then roasted in Michigan, blah blah blah.

I don’t even know how it tastes yet, but I was won over by the packaging. I’m a sucker for all things that boost Michigan’s image. Doesn’t this make Michigan look pretty dang cool? Michigan represent, woot woot!

Here are some of their other Michigan coffees. Cool, right?!

I’m partial to Lake Michigan so that’s the one I grabbed, but I’ve always wanted to go to Isle Royale so maybe I’ll try that coffee next. What about you? See any other cool Michigan stuff lately? I know Michigan needs a bigger boost (jobs, anyone?) than a few well-designed products, but it still makes me feel proud of this beautiful place we call home. All year!

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  1. Well, I learned something new – so they don’t actually grow coffee beans in our beautiful state? Who would have known. I stopped by a nursery yesterday that boasted “Michigan-grown produce” – I knew something was not right when I saw bunches of bananas and little boxes hand-labeled “peaches” among the asparagus and rhubarb. I asked where the peaches were grown (turns out they’re not peaches, but nectarines) – South Carolina. Well, I guess in a more global sense, S.C.’s pretty local. I bought the peaches/nectarines – they looked so good.

    • Unfortunately, I see that quite a bit. Isn’t it terrible? What does “local” mean anyway? Not from Mexico? California is not local here in Michigan, silly grocery stores.

      More importantly, how were the peaches? XO

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