Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day has me thinking about all the different jobs I’ve had, businesses I’ve run, opportunities had… so here goes:

  • letterpress printer
  • graphic designer, several different jobs
  • high school art and english teacher
  • dorm parent
  • burger flipper
  • art history slide filer
  • pizza joint waitress
  • banquet hall waitress
  • camp health officer
  • camp counselor
  • retail associate – several places: Old Navy, Pier One, Cherry Republic
  • order processing manager
  • Body Shop independent sales rep
  • coffee barista
  • ice cream scooper, twice
  • ice cream/coffee shop owner
  • consignment shop owner
  • freelance writer | designer | marketing specialist
  • online communications specialist/project manager
  • green consultant
  • summer activities coordinator, summer school
  • babysitter
  • gift wrapper for Dad and brother
  • Mama

I’m probably forgetting several too! My favorite so far? Mama.