Happy 3rd Birthday, Wren Sabina!

We celebrated Wren’s 3rd birthday at her favorite park last weekend with a “turquoise” party. Her first birthday featured orange and pink and her second featured purple. I wonder what next year will bring? 4, what?! Yikes.

There was ample sunshine after a long morning of heavy rain, wind, thunder and lightening. Phew. Lots of smiles from the little birdie amidst her buddies – she just loves a party! And no meltdowns. She’s becoming such a big girl.

We had fun making this number “three” pinata for the party after Wren kept seeing a Dora pinata at the store. She really wanted one and I really didn’t want one… I tried to tell her, “but Wren, you wouldn’t want to hit Dora, would you?” To which she looked at me, exasperated: “Mama, it’s not really Dora. It’s a Dora PINATA.” Duh. We got her involved in making it and Dora was forgotten. For now.

More on the pinata making process soon. Stay tuned!

Oh little birdie, we love you so much. Happy birthday!

three is fun

My little baby birdie turned three this week. Crazy! As it turns out, being three is a blast. More insights later – looking forward to a fun rainbow! strawberry! “turquoise!”party for the little birdie this weekend. Enjoy some recent pics. Do you wish you could be three again? Aah, the simple things…

Being three is also very exhausting. And not just for the Mama!

Happy 3rd Birthday, my lovely little lady!