three is fun

My little baby birdie turned three this week. Crazy! As it turns out, being three is a blast. More insights later – looking forward to a fun rainbow! strawberry! “turquoise!”party for the little birdie this weekend. Enjoy some recent pics. Do you wish you could be three again? Aah, the simple things…

Being three is also very exhausting. And not just for the Mama!

Happy 3rd Birthday, my lovely little lady!

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  1. Ash! What great pics of that little girl. I especially love the car keys on the table in the first photo! Was it mom or 3 year old that was ready for the party to start the minute dad arrived home? Miss celebrating with you. My sister had her baby as Wren’s day turned to Malcolm’s. Must be a special couple of days.

    • What a special day!

      I think it was all of us. Poor guy was plastered with a party hat and thrown a baby to hold the minute he walked in from an overnight trip. Wren was thrilled with her new bug catching device, which includes a “mackriflying” glass. Phoebe was especially intrigued with this new fangled object…

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