knitting, again

Lovelies, do you remember when I posted last February about trying knitting again? Well it didn’t go anywhere from there. Spring came and went, summer quickly came and went and here we are, fall. I have wanted to know how to knit so I would have a creative hobby I could take anywhere or have a hobby that was a good stress-reliever. Maybe one that would keep me out of the cookie jar so I could achieve my health goals. Ahem.

Well. Somehow it finally clicked for me. Another Mom offered to help a group of us learn to knit and it’s working! We’re working some “thick and quick” yarn on some circular needles. These two things are great for learning because I can see what I’m doing and it doesn’t feel like I have two left hands, neither of which work very well. I’ve almost knit enough for a scarf even though my goal was a cowl. I just keep going! I think I’m hooked, no pun intended.

I love learning new things and I love that the birdies are watching me learn something new. And there hasn’t even been much swearing this time around!

p.s. health update: I’ve lost about fifteen pounds. Yes, it’s been over six months since I started. Slow and somewhat steady…

4 thoughts on “knitting, again

  1. Congrats on the weight loss! When I saw you this summer, you looked fabulous & I bet even more so now. And kudos for sticking with learning to knit. I’ve had a handful of false starts and I’ve given up for now. (Needless to say, with a knitting mom like mine I don’t even know where to begin.)

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