The elves are busy elving away, one knit, one purl at.a.time. Slow going this elving is. But every time I open my e-mail and get a message that urges me to buy, buy, buy and owe, owe, owe, I pick up the needles for a loop. Or two. How is your elving going?


love where you live – Christmas Cove Farm

It’s been raining and raining. And raining. There has been a lot of screaming, crying, sniffling, coughing and whining in our nest. And not just by me. Ahem. Did I mention the rain and the whining? We needed to get out. So we headed out in the car on Sunday to induce some birdie napping and enjoy fall in northern Michigan. Despite the rain and some more whining, we had a great day driving up the pinkie finger of Michigan to Kilcherman’s Christmas Cove, an antique apple farm near Northport.

After car napping for the little birdies, there were finally some smiles. Phew.

We found apples like this “Lady” variety whose lineage can be traced back to the Elizabethan era! And they’re the perfect size for little hands. And just perfect for wee caramel apples too… more on that later.

Look up! In addition to hundreds of different kinds of apples, they have a glass pop bottle collection and an antique pop sign collection. Pretty interesting, but it was chilly and rainy and I was caught by a bug. The knitting bug! It was a great day to ride around our beautiful area, take in some of the colors through the mist (err, downpour) and knit. Yes, lovelies. I’m becoming a knitter! Can you believe it, Melissa? Neither can I. And the fat lady sings indeed.

knitting, again

Lovelies, do you remember when I posted last February about trying knitting again? Well it didn’t go anywhere from there. Spring came and went, summer quickly came and went and here we are, fall. I have wanted to know how to knit so I would have a creative hobby I could take anywhere or have a hobby that was a good stress-reliever. Maybe one that would keep me out of the cookie jar so I could achieve my health goals. Ahem.

Well. Somehow it finally clicked for me. Another Mom offered to help a group of us learn to knit and it’s working! We’re working some “thick and quick” yarn on some circular needles. These two things are great for learning because I can see what I’m doing and it doesn’t feel like I have two left hands, neither of which work very well. I’ve almost knit enough for a scarf even though my goal was a cowl. I just keep going! I think I’m hooked, no pun intended.

I love learning new things and I love that the birdies are watching me learn something new. And there hasn’t even been much swearing this time around!

p.s. health update: I’ve lost about fifteen pounds. Yes, it’s been over six months since I started. Slow and somewhat steady…

click on

Happy Friday, lovelies. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Here are a few links to tickle your fancy…

  • Attention, knitters! Calling all cherry lovers! And a special shout out to all expecting Mamas! All 3? Woah. You will totally flip over how ridiculously cute this pattern is. I swear I could feel my baby kicking just by looking at it. And I don’t even knit! Or know the gender. So yeah, click on.
  • Thinking of mowing down those dandelions? Stop! Make dandelion jelly.
  • Not sure what to do with all that dandelion jelly you just made? Dandelion macarons, silly.
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  • I love when people do something special to mark a baby’s amazing changes month-by-month, don’t you?
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What blew your skirt up this week, lovelies? Send me a link.
XO ash