Slow and steady

So I’m inside the house and I hear Wren from the backyard, “Hey, Mama, I found a turtle!” Lo and behold, we have ourselves a new turtle. Funny girl! Although I still look at the turtle and shake my head most of the time, I love the new incarnation. My birdie is also a turtle. Slow and steady. Who am I kidding? More like quick and dynamic.

Lovelies, I have so much to share with you from our trip to North Carolina. And about hopes for this year’s garden because my personal lawn boy (err, Chris) arrived this week with his Dad’s rototiller so our garden IS going to happen too. Really, it just has to, doesn’t it? And a birthday party to plan for a certain almost 3 (!) year old. And hardly any sleep at night with the littlest birdie awake every two hours or so, oof. But really in the face of life with the turtle birdies, I have been SLAMMED with work, which is a good thing, but still. Fun stories to write and beautiful photos to share. Soon, soon, soon (ish).

Miss you!

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