two going on fourteen


  • takes really long showers
  • sleeps in on school days
  • says (or said), “go away! I don’t like you.” sniff, sniff
  • likes PopRocks and Cheetos
  • excels at negotiation
  • exhibits wild mood swings
  • enjoys talking about (and smelling) farts
  • likes talking on the phone
  • listens to loud music
  • laughs at her parents
  • stays up too late
  • fights for her right to party
  • hits boys and then kisses them
  • pesters her sister
  • loves passionately
  • thinks and acts independently
  • walks away without looking back

That’s right, Wren. Two going on fourteen. Many people (including strangers who interact with us for less than two minutes in the grocery store) have said to us, “wow, you’re in for it.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, but we’re hoping that she’s just getting some of her teenage behavior out of the way now. Hey you, I can hear you laughing at me. Stop that! Oof. Ahem.

Does this ring true for your two year old girl too? Thoughts, anyone? Are we really “in for it?”

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  1. Hi Ash

    Heidi always recalls Amanda saying very very casually ” You’re not the boss of me” , it may sound familiar to you sooner than you might of thought, Paul & Heidi (having fun in New Mexico)

  2. I had one of those! Some stranger once said “She’s going to be the Mayor one day”. Well I don’t know about that. But, she’s a wonderful 19 year old young lady with ambition that I never had. Yes, she’s bossy, knows what she wants and goes after it, tries anything, and was/is one of the greatest teenagers I know:) Wren is going to turn out fabulous! I wish we lived closer so we could enjoy her fun personality. I’m trying for 2 out of 2 in the good teenager department:) So far so good:)

  3. You know, that is a wonderful compliment in my eyes. The spirited ones are the people who grow into interesting, well rounded people. They’ll be wonderful parents who have the energy and enthusiasm to ENGAGE with their children. They will never grow tired of learning new things, questioning what’s going on around them, involving themselves in things, wanting to truly live life. Well, at least that’s what I tell myself. My girls are definitely opinionated and full of fire, but I love it and know in the long run it will serve them well.

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