DIY turkish coffee

So I’ve stumbled upon a great way to make your own Turkish-style coffee. In your own kitchen! Without any fancy equipment! The catch: you have to be sleep-deprived, one-armed, desperate for caffeine and short on time. What a delightful state in which to be. Ready? Go!

  1. Pour the remainder of yesterday’s coffee into a mug. This is important, lovelies. It has to be yesterday’s coffee. Today’s coffee is not an appropriate substitute.
  2. Place mug with coffee into microwave for about a minute. Walk away.
  3. Hear microwave go off, but leave it because you are likely unable to get to the microwave anyway.
  4. When you are able to get to the microwave again, press the timer for another minute.
  5. This time you are able to get to the microwave and take a sip. It’s getting there.
  6. You will only be able to take one sip before setting it down in an easily-forgotten place like the bathroom while changing someone’s diaper.
  7. Time goes by, but you realize you’re not caffeinated yet and must find that coffee. Aha! Found.
  8. Place mug with coffee into microwave for about a minute. Walk away. This is when it begins to really turn into Turkish coffee: thick with settling dregs…
  9. Take another sip.
  10. Repeat steps three through nine several times throughout the morning, possibly into the afternoon.
  11. By the time the mid-afternoon rolls around, that same cup of yesterday’s coffee is just about the perfect cup of Turkish coffee with the dregs perfectly settled at the bottom. Aaah.
  12. Happen to have some Turkish Delight on hand? Score!


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