false alarm

Lovelies, I thought for sure I’d be home by now with our new little birdie in my arms! We went to the hospital early Saturday morning after I started having contractions and some bleeding. It was going to be the same exact timing as with Wren – six days before my official due date. And the same exact room! I got checked in, got into the gorgeous hospital gowns, got monitored, got mentally prepped. But things slowed down, too much bad early morning TV was watched, progress wasn’t made; I was only at about 3 cm six hours later. So I was given three options: 1) stay and wait, 2) stay and get my water broken, or 3) go home and wait. It was a beautiful day here so we decided to go home and come back later when things picked up again. Well, here I am, several days later. No baby! Well, there is a baby, but it is still tucked safely inside. Sigh.

At first I was discouraged and disappointed, but now I’m feeling fine with it as long as I can be home for Halloween with our little birdies! Again, I realize this is really out of my control, but I would just hate to miss the sugar-fueled time with my little strawberry. 

It seemed like other women’s stories about their deliveries (after their first) all seemed so fast, but maybe this is just what I was hoping to hear. Since our weekend false alarm, I’ve talked to quite a few women who went through a very similar experience. How had I not heard these stories before? Likely because I didn’t want to… regardless, it is inevitable that this baby will come out some day. And some day relatively soon, right? Heck, it could even be today. It’s cold and rainy, a perfect day to be spent laboring away… please and thank you?!


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  1. Ashlea,
    My second time was later than the first and NOT fast. I asked to be induced, after a week past my due date, because my Mom was only staying for so long and I needed to have Madi before she went home. So, from experience, wait. Don’t be induced unless you have to. I’m picking Oct. 27th to be the day.

    Ps. Why do you look so good in a hospital gown:)

    Good luck,

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