scenes from the nest

How’s your week going, lovelies? It’s been another glorious week in northern Michigan. I realize it seems trite to use the word “glorious,” but it’s true. More blue skies, more sunshine, more gasp-worthy fall color, more 70s, more tomatoes! This might be it for our “Indian Summer,” but it will not be forgotten any time soon. And I’ve got the mosquito bites to prove it – strange in mid-October, no? And that too, after using the best sunscreen mosquito repellent I could find. I’m in the midst of a bunch of nesting projects and thought I would just share a glimpse of some of them with you, along with a few shots from around the nest that we’ve been loving. Enjoy!

1) Wasabi Powder.

We decided to paint our house a light chartreuse-y green that’s called “Wasabi Powder” and we love it. The little birdie calls it yellow, but it’s decidedly not yellow. The pictures also turned out a bit on the mint-y side, but I know you can use your imagination. Ahem. Nothing like a really big project right before the baby is born, right? Ha!

2) Harvest Time.

I was thinking about cleaning out the garden earlier last week when things were wet and chilly, but 70 and sunny arrived–and stayed–bringing with it a slew of ripened tomatoes. I can’t quite believe I’m admitting this, but I’m a bit sick of fresh tomatoes. Salsa, anyone?

3) Bulbs!

Our bulb order finally arrived. I am especially excited about the orange tulips that I plan to plunk in the front. Won’t they look great with the new green if they squirrels don’t get to them first?!

4) Leafy greens.

Remember when the little birdie and I planted some dark, leafy greens? Our kale has arrived so that means that little birdie #2 will arrive shortly too. Wow!

5) Taking time to enjoy the flowers.

We’ve had a crazy morning glory crop this year. In fact, I have to remind myself next year to provide them with some thread/twine so they can more freely climb the fence and not just each other. And the mums have been lovely too. So nice to have such bright spots of color here and there.

What’s been happening in your nest, lovelies? How are you enjoying this beautiful time of year in your neck of the woods? I hope you’ve been having a good week!

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  1. Your flowers are so pretty – don’t you wish they’d last all year? I like your house numbers. I’m sure the new color will be very pleasant – hard to tell from the pics. xox

    • Yes, but if they lasted all year then maybe we wouldn’t think they were so fabulous for the short time they are here? I dunno, it still would be nice to have some fresh color in the winter, right!?

  2. Love the photos! thanks for sharing. nice house color, too. we’ve been busy with the final details of our house renovation — we are hearing it should be done in 3 weeks! then onward to moving. ugh. Glad you all had a wonderful week. Hope you are feeling well. my second dear friend gave birth last week (a little girl). You are next in line, my friend!

    • Oh my, next in line, eeeeeeeeeeeh! Excited for you and your new nest – pictures please! Packing and moving not so much… 🙁

  3. I’m wondering what kind of bulbs are in that box? And you’ve inspired me to order some for our new “nest!”

    We still have time for bulb planting in Northern Michigan – yes?

    • Zane! Thanks for clicking in on us. I am hoping to do a post about the bulbs, but time will tell… in the meantime, I’ll let you know what we planted: 18 orange tulips (please squirrels, leave them alone!), a dozen azure allium (say that ten times fast!) and some hardy garden cyclamen. I love planting bulbs – it’s so hopeful going into a long winter, isn’t it? And I think you have plenty of time. I seem to remember planting bulbs in November before with success achieved in the spring!

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