nesting: dark, leafy greens

The little birdie and I worked in the empty patches of our garden yesterday afternoon. Early summer’s bright greens and peas are only a healthy memory now. It was time to turn our minds and spades toward fall. We weeded, turned soil, dug trenches, planted seeds and watered. Hardy, healthy, robust, iron-rich kale and spinach will take up a couple rows. We threw in a couple rows of beans too because somehow I forgot to plant them earlier this year. We’ll see how they do…

It dawned on me as the little birdie was burying the seeds with soil (her favorite part of gardening so far) that–with a bit of luck–we’ll be harvesting these dark, leafy greens right around the time little birdie #2 is due to arrive. Must have been on my mind as I chose these particular things to plant. Probably what my body will need most. And, who am I kidding?, some halloween candy to balance things out…

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  1. So proud of you and that healthy, robust garden….and seriously, Wren wearing Joe the Pie-Faced Boy on her chest made me spit my ginger beer all over my computer screen. SO cute!

  2. I can’t wait till next spring I want to have a container garden! I have a nice big back yard but unfortunately the previous homeowners did awful things to the ground and I just don’t trust it. Not yet any way. I figure a few containers out front with some tomatoes, peppers, maybe some beans or something, will be nice to come home too.

    And congrats on the new little one! Fall is the best time of the year to be born! 😉

    Diesel Stomping

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