fig inside of a grapefruit

Exciting news! According to the powers that be, I have somebody the size of a fig growing inside my uterus, which is now the size of a grapefruit. I bet your first thought is, but aren’t figs and grapefruit grown at different times of the year? Oh, that wasn’t your first thought?! Yes, Wren’s Nest will be expecting a new little birdie at the end of October and we are thrilled. A Halloween baby! Shall we call it Pumpkin?

It seemed more fun to write that I have a fig inside of a grapefruit than to just say I’m pregnant. Maybe this will be the new 12-week pregnancy euphemism? Speaking of pregnancy euphemisms, which ones do you like or dislike?

  • bun in the oven
  • expecting
  • with child
  • knocked up
  • preggers/preggo
  • on stork watch
  • in a delicate condition
  • in the family way
Let the wild ride begin… again!

0 thoughts on “fig inside of a grapefruit

  1. This really dates me, but my first thought is “Expecting” of the new discriptions, I like “Stork watch” Grandma Judy

  2. definitely “on stork watch” has to be my fav from your list.
    Congrats you 3 scratch that, you 4, so happy for you all!

  3. How about something completely original “Having another baby” ;>))) . …. I love the ultrasound!! And, a fig growing in a grapefruit is pretty sweet, too.

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  5. CONGRATS to you all!!! I’m so excited – another little birdie we get to watch grow into an eagle!!! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and no fave on the euphemisms, but you could always buy Wren one of those, “BIg Sister” shrits – LOL!

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