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Happy weekend, lovelies. Do you have any fun plans? We’ve got a couple fun things planned, including going for a hike in the woods to hear the spring peepers and check out the first of the spring wildflowers. “They” say we’re going to experience a mix of rain and snow this weekend, but I’m hopeful that it’s mostly rain at this point. We need it to wash all the yuck away…

If you ARE stuck inside a bit, check out these inspiring links:

  • I had pretty much written off using crepe paper for decorating. Until now.¬†Gasp!
  • Great ideas for making time in your life for crafting.
  • Rainy day blues? Dress for (colorful!) rainy day success.
  • Starting seeds this spring? Check out this handy calendar for when to start your hopeful cornucopia of veggies.
  • I love to click in on the Sweet Juniper blog and was thrilled to see the new hand-drawn header image. What do you think?
Here’s to a restful weekend. Whew.

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  1. are those “hens and chicks” that Wren is getting acquainted with? Let’s hope for SOME spring-like weather soon. These dribs and drabs, teasers, if you will, of spring, are getting a bit tiresome.

  2. thanks ash! what fantastic ideas. love reading your blog. i’ve got a little b-day party coming up soon…. i’m getting inspired by the dots/crepe paper! wanna come down and join the fun?! (jk, sort of!)

    • oh how I would love to come and celebrate. I was JUST thinking of your dear wee one the other day – thinking it’s almost been a year. Crazy!

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