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Happy Friday, lovelies! Thanks for clicking in on me today. So why don’t you grab a few Girl Scout cookies and check out these must-see things in ye ole interwebs?

  • My friend, Victoria, is having a recycled kid’s tote giveaway. I just love her stuff. Ends Monday – make haste!
  • Calorie-free, beautiful, inspiring sweets. I love the mix of media here: blog meets drool-worthy drawings.
  • Have a few old t-shirts in your drawer? Me too. Make a scarf.
  • A round-up worthy of your time, map-lovers.
  • Pump up those tires and attach this bike basket. Instant spring!

P.S. I have been spending some quality time with microfilm lately. What fun! I know, I am such a dork. I just had to share this image with you from 1928. Isn’t this still the truth?

P.P.S. Special thanks to all of you who have sent “get well” messages to me regarding my eye. Geesh. It’s just fine now – the cornea is amazingly robust, no?

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  1. Thought of you when I heard about a children’s market set up at a farmers market where kiddies gather, set up shop , and sell their stuff. Easy enough to find online, but I’ll send you link if I find a good one.

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