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Please excuse me while I purge some bits & pieces from my brain…

thought it was Friday today. Oof. Revisited an old favorite from childhood: a Hawaiian Blizzard at DQ. Still tasted great and I’m in love with their new “mini” size. Pure genius. Except I STILL hate DQ’s “new” logo and it’s probably about six years old now. Yuck! Side note: how ridiculous is it that there is a DQ Locator iPhone app? Wow. Moving on.

Finding it easier to breathe with my new short hair cut. Didn’t realize how my hair impacted my breath. And my posture. And my general well-being. Soooo happy I did it.

Wishing coloring books were spiral bound. Also wishing there were more interesting coloring books that didn’t focus on licensed characters. Thinking there’s a whole market to be explored there… and a fun project to make. Speaking (err, writing) of projects, last Christmas I promised myself I wouldn’t wait until the last minute to make gifts again and here it is, the end of October already. Sigh. I was planning on making an advent calendar like this, but there’s no way it will be done in six weeks. Next year…

Took Wren to the mall tonight to get her ya-ya’s out in a big, open space and remembered why I never go to the mall. Depressing! Everyone I saw looked dejected and sad. I could never be a mall-walker. Repeat after me. I could never be a mall-walker. I could never be a mall-walker.

Still giddy from seeing the Sound of Music on the BIG screen this week as part of the movie’s 45th anniversary celebration. Absolutely lovely. I heart Julie Andrews. Do you think there is a family out there whose children are all named after the Von Trapps? Do you have a favorite? OK. So there was a costume contest and I dressed up as Maria. Of course! I wasn’t the only one; there ARE other Sound of Music nerds out there, I swear.

Pondering what to do with the wealth of green tomatoes still out there. 42 and rainy might just mean that they’re not going to ripen, hmmmphhhh. Green tomato relish, anyone? Pickled tomatoes? Green tomato pie? What would you do with them?

I have paint on the brain–and literally in my hair from a wee hours painting project–and seeing these paint chip cookies happily put me over the edge into paint lover’s bliss. How fun are these?! Enjoy!

Oh! Before I forget, I’ve joined Tweetdom. Am I cool, or what? Don’t answer that. But if you’d like to follow my drivel, you can find me now on Twitter @besquirrely. Happy Friday (tomorrow!)

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  1. Forgot to tell you – your tomato jam is a real treat! I ate it on crackers smeared with cream cheese – it has a flavor that is indescribable – and delicious. I, too, have a bunch of green tomatoes still on the vine – and a windowsill full of green ones I’m hoping will ripen. I may have to try the brown paper bag trick. The paint chip cookies – a lot of work just to be scarfed down in two seconds!!! I love your Maria picture, and have one right here at the office, 8-1/2 by 11 that I printed off last night. It really makes me smile!

  2. Um, I just can’t say enough about your Maria picture. Love everything about, including that little birdie in the background. See you in the AM.

  3. i liked all the von trapp children, but always seemed partial to the name “luisa” — wasn’t the character (well, i liked her too) but more the name. LOVED your maria photo!

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