Monday, Monday

Today kicks off Operation Kick Procrastination to the Leaf-covered Curb. Wanna join me? I will likely be posting lightly–if at all–this week because I have a lot of work to catch up on and favorite clients to please, in addition to a lawn that I swear we JUST raked and a veritable mountain of green tomatoes that I promised myself I would not let go to waste. And the usual other time-suck: LIFE. Oh! And Halloween costumes to finish (err, start) and pumpkins to carve and a Zombie Run to cram for and, well, you get the point. How does your week look? Are you getting excited for Halloween?

Best! Ash

P.S. It’s scarf-weather here and I’m very happy about this. Today I’m sporting a green scarf, the color not unlike our tomatoes.

P.P.S. Super cute husband update: Chris just stopped home and asked me, “guess what I just saw at the curb?” Me: uh, I don’t know. What? To which he responded, “Procrastination. And he looked really sad and dejected. I think he might just go find someone else to bother.”

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    • Melissa,

      staying away from my computer for the weekend helped to jumpstart my Monday. This coupled with a strong cup of something hot and so far, so good. We’ll see how tomorrow goes… ha!

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