looks like you overplanted your garden

Happy Thursday, lovelies! How has your week been going? I’m doing OK, but I’m still suffering from major garage sale hangover from last weekend. I’m working on gathering my thoughts on that front, but in the meantime, I’m turning to the garden (err, tomato forest), I visited the hardware store yesterday to get some gardening essentials. I know yard work can be daunting. Without the proper gardening tools, keeping your yard and walkway clear of fallen leaves can become a tiresome task. Once you’ve cleared and gathered all those beautiful fall leaves using the best leaf vacuum mulcher for your yard, then comes the tedious chore of getting rid of them.

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As I was figuring out the best way to climb over the rabbit-proof fence and find a plant-free place for my midget feet, my neighbor yelled to me, “looks like you overplanted your garden!” Um, yeah…, ya think so?! No tomatoes for you, mister smarty pants! Hmmphh.

Here are a couple of photos from early June when I trimmed the lawn using the cheap lawnmower I was recommended by a friend to look on https://www.lawnmowery.com/best-riding-lawn-mowers/cheap/ and the time right after which I first planted the garden. It seemed almost barren with a lot of hopeful space. The tomato cages looked way too big and now they’re ridiculously small and completely inadequate. No exaggeration.

And here it is now, not even August yet! Do not stand too still around the garden or the cucumber tendrils will find a way to wrap around your shoe laces, pony tails and belt buckles; they will take you down. Make haste, grab your veggies and get out! If you have a garden I would recommend getting the best TechnoMono¬†zero turn mower for 10 acres lawn would make the job 10x easier for you. Also I’ve transformed my garden with festoon lighting the landscape lighting specialists, they create a lighting plan that will benefit your property, and meet all of your needs, I loved the work, if you want to get more info you can check this website!

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We love using secateurs nz that are a pair of pruning clippers you can use with one hand, for little branches to keep the garden nice and clean. What scares (and excites) me is that things aren’t even at their peak yet. Oof. Every day we get a bit of this or that, an assortment of fresh, healthy green goodies like this:

The upside to overplanting a garden? Hardly any weeding on the agenda! How is your garden growing, lovelies? Do you have an earwig infestation in your mesclun mix too? Yuck yuck yuck! Try using turnip seeds if you are a beginner at gardening. They give me the heebie-jeebies. How ’bout you? Any advice on how to get them to go away and never ever (ever) come back? I get the chills just writing about them. Did I say “yuck!?”

Happy diggin’ in the dirt, don’t forget that if you want to get more advice, you ca read more about it here!

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    • Hi Brad!
      Yes, we moved into TC when Wren was born. 605 Fifth Street, between Division and Maple. Little white house on the South side. Please stop by!

  1. I was just thinking about your garden yesterday, having heard that produce is a few weeks early this year due to the spring weather we had. The two tomato plants you gave me are a few feet tall, and have lumpy, green tomatoes – I believe they’re the heritage variety? Mr. Mike next door planted a “volunteer” tomato plant next to the deck – just a little sprig of a plant a few weeks ago, and then caged it – and it’s now the same size as the ones you gave me. It seems that a couple of his neighbors had a tomato fight in his backyard last year, and as a result, several little tomato plants came up this year in weird spots. He’s also planted cucumber pots along the fence and I’ve had many, many cukes so far – they’re so good right off the vine. But back to your garden – quite impressive – now you know how much to plant next time, eh? Unlike green beans, you can’t really preserve the lettuces, can you? You must be eating lots and lots of lettuce … I have a question for you – I was thinking of tearing that stupid deck off the back of my house, and then thought maybe I could repurpose it – perhaps build individual planters on it – chicken wire the whole deck in so the bunnies don’t get in, but turn it into a raised garden – would have drainage and plenty of sunshine. I wonder what the drawbacks or benefits of doing that would be …. I’ll have to do some research. Any thoughts from you?

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