the jungle

It doesn’t seem to matter what I do OR neglect to do. My garden seems to turn into a jungle, a tangled mess of green stuff. Last year, I overplanted two small beds. This year, we expanded the garden to take up half the back yard and I actually followed the directions on spacing the seeds and starts that I bought. I only bought four tiny tomato plants, but I’ve lost count of how many we actually have growing now in the garden because at least a couple dozen have sprouted from last year’s compost that we mixed into the soil.

And it’s not just a tomato jungle. See that pumpkin plant? I did not intentionally plant it either, but it’s taken over the south half of the garden. You have to be careful when standing near the garden that its curly tendrils don’t quickly wrap their sticky, prickly selves around your limbs. We have to keep retraining the pumpkin plant to stay in the garden or else it would probably spread across the lawn and happily find its way to the hammock twenty feet away. Crazy stuff! And the weeds? Sigh. They’re back. But you knew that would happen, right?

While the heat wave of 2011 has not mixed well with my psyche and growing belly (and butt), the garden seems to be absolutely thrilled. So at least one of us is happy with it.

How’s your garden growing this year, lovelies? What have you been able to harvest where you live?

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  1. Hi Ashlea & Wren,
    Alex and I are traveling on the east coast primarily Philly. It is super lush here. We were very inspired by the book you gave us. I actually now know must of the names of our flowers now. We also have a garden that I packed with tons of vegtables: tomatoes, kale, radishes, carrots, peppers, and maybe cucumbers & some pumpkins. We will see! Dad is hopefully watering it while we are away. Stay cool! Is the lake finally warm enough to swim? Hope so! See you soon!

    • How fun to be traveling and experiencing a slightly different cuisine. I’m sure your garden will be bursting at its seams when you arrive home to your nest. We look forward to seeing you ladies SOON!

  2. I gave up harvesting anything because I can’t bend over any more. Baby is due in two weeks. I’ve been calling neighbors and begging them to come raid our garden 🙂

      • heh – in addition to knowing where all the bathrooms are in every location, I also know which places have A/C and what their hours are (and if the kids will behave there). We’re managing, but I’m complaining lots. You?

        • I’m thinking that the heatwave has passed, at least the damn humidity part of it. I’m just feeling very fat and slow and I still have three months to go, yikes!

          lots of love to you!

  3. You looked lovely today on your way home from the beach!

    I feel for you with all the heat we’ve been having. Your urban garden looks wonderful . . . I’m sorry that we didn’t meet sooner, given that we lived just a couple of blocks apart!

    I’m really enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing the link to the article about Mario Batali. That was a fun read.

    All the best to you and little Wren, and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

    • Thanks, Zane! It was great to meet you and your two lovely ladies today. Can’t believe we didn’t meet earlier!

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