I saw this photo on Waldorf Modern’s site and HAD to share. It made my heart skip a beat. You?

I am getting more and more annoyed with people and awful, rude cell phone behavior so this sign made me smile. I want to wear a t-shirt (all the time) that says something to the effect of, “really? Is that phone call so much more important than the interaction we’re having right now? In person? Live? Here? Now?” AAAAHHHHH!

OK, glad I got that off my chest. But really, people’s behavior gets worse and worse. Agree? Or maybe the t-shirt should read, “Just because your phone rings, doesn’t mean you have to answer it.”

Are you as p-o’ed as me? Or doesn’t it bother you?

Back to that sign. Isn’t it lovely? Happy Friday, lovelies! May you enjoy the people with whom you choose to spend your time and ignore your phone.

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  1. I had to ask a patient today if he wanted me to come back after he was done texting. He was all “oh no, I’m not texting, I’m just looking something up.” Well, that’s so much better. I have had a patient answer the phone while I was trying to examine him. I mean, if it’s something urgent and the patient apologizes for it, that’s one thing…but usually it’s just people being rude.

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