The little birdie and I had a great time at the farmer’s market this morning while we let Chris enjoy some peace a quiet and a few more minutes of beauty sleep. We got ourselves a couple bins of lovely, organic “jam strawberries,” which are softer and a bit imperfect. Imperfect means perfect for chubby baby hands. Needless to say when you see the photos, Wren loved them!

I’m not even going to post any recipes or ideas on how to enjoy strawberries today because my favorite way is to eat them fresh. What’s your favorite way to enjoy fresh strawberries?

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  1. Awww, Wren. She knows how to live it up. Life’s too short not to make messes. Ava indulged in some berries this AM, but ate them in only her diaper at the table. Wren’s “technique” looks like more fun.

    Did you see those beautiful pink bulb-like flowers at the market today? I bought a bunch and they smell wonderful. Now I just have to figure out what they are. I bet you’d know. 🙂

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