budgeting for organics

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but our family’s quest to eat more organic produce sometimes leaves my wallet feeling a bit too empty. This is one reason I’ve been planning a big garden this summer, but this IS northern Michigan and we can only grow so much of our own. We still find ourselves reaching for a banana or orange every day no matter how far it’s traveled. Sigh.

Soooo… when I stumbled upon this handy wallet chart from My Paper Crane, which depicts the organic produce that *always* should be chosen and the low-pesticide foods, which we could skip over if we needed to save a few bucks that week, I cheered. Plus, it’s cute as a button, right?

You can download a copy of it here for your very own wallet. Thank you, My Paper Crane, for such a lovely, clever idea (and nice photos). I already know that next week’s shopping trip will be a helluva lot more fun. Who doesn’t love vegetables and fruits with googlie eyes?

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