harbingers of Spring

It’s decidedly Spring in northern Michigan when the rhubarb’s thigh-high (remember, I’m short) and the local asparagus decides to pop its happy, green head through the sandy soil. At today’s windy, cold (36) first outdoor farmer’s market of the season, we giddily found both. The smiles of the farmers in spite–or perhaps, because–of the weather, made the outing worthwhile. OK, the down coat helped too. And the hot coffee from Morsel’s on the walk home. And being with my family. So I hereby dedicate this week to the tastiest harbingers of Spring, rhubarb and asparagus. Follow along on some tasty adventures with me this week! Rhubarb crisp and asparagus frittata, anyone? Or maybe some cream of asparagus soup to warm you up? What are YOUR favorite asparagus and rhubarb recipes?

Got plans for next weekend already? Of course it includes a trip to Empire for the 7th Annual Empire Asparagus Festival, right? Rain or shine, asparagus-lovers unite to celebrate the mighty green stalk. Even roasted asparagus beer. Yes! You will find it courtesy of Traverse City’s Right Brain Brewery. And lots more spear-ited fun! Hope to see you there.

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  1. Now I’m having serious regrets for not dragging my rear out of bed and hitting the farmer’s market this morning. We cook asparagus one way at our house: roasted with olive oil, kosher salt, and black pepper. It’s so good that it rarely makes it to the dinner table–we just stand at the counter and eat it straight from the pan with our fingers. And then I roast another batch. I love asparagus season!

    • Agree! That is my favorite way too-the simpler the better when it’s freshly picked. But I also love it with olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese sprinkled on steamed or roasted stalks. mmmmmmm.

  2. Send us some of your rhubarb! Here in CA, I just picked up 3 stalks for a whopping $6 at Whole Foods (the only place I could find any). And to think it grows like a weed in my mom’s garden in MI!

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