0 thoughts on “orange dress roundup.

  1. Oh my goodness! Such adorable dresses. My vote is for the first one, but you really can’t go wrong. Isn’t it so much fun to shop for wee ones?

  2. Love ’em all! My favorites are 1, 4 (I’m sure it would look gorgeous on a wee one), 7 (I wonder if this comes in ‘big person’ sizes) and 10 (love the ‘ties’)

  3. Not sure I can count, but *think* my faves are 4 (w/green accents), 6, and 9. But seriously, you could dress Wren in a paper bag and she’d still be the belle of the ball! XO

  4. The simpler the better, to keep the focus on her sweet little face! Better photos that way too… I like the ones above and below the tea dress.

  5. Y’all will think this is funny. So I brought up a bin of clothes for Wren that I bought last summer (summer 09 clearance) and what did I find? Yes, several orange dresses. Amnesia, anyone?

  6. “orange dress roundup. squirrels in wren's nest” hot that is what iam searching 4 since 9 hours. Wonderful share, this blog is saved now in favourites.

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