Birthday Banner ponderings…

Time is zooming by and Wren is getting older every day. I suppose everyone is getting older every day, but it seems more monumental in a wee one, doesn’t it? The countdown to my little birdie’s first birthday (May 24!) has begun and I’ve been pondering party themes and decorations. I really don’t want a throw-away birthday with lots of paper and plastic junk. I’ve been thinking a lot about making an heirloom-quality “Happy Birthday!” banner, which can be used for years to come. Here are some ideas I’ve stumbled upon so far…

I love the funky colors and the whimsy factor in this first birthday banner, don’t you?

But I’m thinking of something a bit cleaner and modern. Like this one. This one is a better fit for our nest. Does it say boy and girl though? No, I’m not pregnant; just trying to plan ahead, just in case.

But I like the simplicity and fun shapes in this banner. This is definitely boy or girl, no?

And then there’s this possibility for a classic pennant-style banner.

What say YOU, dear readers? Any other birthday banner ideas you want to send my way? I could do a “boy” banner on one side and a “girl” banner on the other. I’m not really into “boy” and “girl” colors, but it might be a fun way to have two banners in one.

In other party ponderings…

I’d love to have an outdoor garden party for Wren, but Memorial Day weekend in northern Michigan is hit or miss. It could be 75 and sunny or it could easily be 40 and rainy…. arrghhhh.

Speaking (err, writing) of weather, it’s above 50 (!!!) and sunny in these parts. Yee-haw! Trying to suck up the Vitamin D while I can. Is it possible to make up for the last four months in one week? I’m going to try. Can’t hurt.


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  1. I like the second from the last – the scalloped colorful one – good for boy or girls babies, children and growing adolescents. xoxoxoxo

  2. Hey Ash! I absolutely LOVE the idea of making a reusable birthday banner! Hmm….any interest in having a sewing day and each making one? I don’t want to steal your idea, but it’s so “right up my alley” and I think we’d have fun doing this. I can bring my machine over and we can divide and conquer. You cut, I pin, you iron, etc. We’d make different banners, of course! Are you up for it? Nothing like inviting myself.

    Another fun birthday idea: I have a few friends/family who buy one colorful birthday plate and then the birthday girl/boy gets to sit at that fun seat at the table on their special day. OR…some people use that plate whenever that child does something worthy of celebrating (finish kindergarden, win a race, etc).

    See you in the AM at swimming and for a cuppa joe (or tea).

    • Yes, I very much like the idea! I’m a bit self-conscious of my sewing skills though because I’m really just fumbling my way through my various projects… soooo it would be great to have a partner in crime. Let’s set a date! What say you of late March?

      Also, I love the fun birthday plate idea. I will commence to hunt for the special one. Problem is right now is that Wren will throw the plate across the room. Oof. Plastic?

      Swim/coffee. Yes!

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