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Are you a list-lover or hater? I love to make lists. Some mental, some physical. Preferably on a real piece of paper. Often I misplace my hand-written lists, but a lot of it gets lodged in my head anyway. I read once (or someone told me more likely) that one is more likely to remember something if it gets written down–not typed–with your human hand. Even if you never see the notes/lists/ramblings again, the simple act of writing something down is what makes it stick. Fascinating! I was a crazy note-taker in high school and college. Sometimes I would come home and rewrite my notes. I know, I am such a nerd at heart. Sigh.

I was thinking in the shower this morning (yes, I managed to take one today!) about what I’m looking forward to this coming spring.  So here’s my latest list.

Spring Forward

  • planting heirloom tomato seeds and watching them grow in our sun room/play room
  • splashing in mud puddles in my lovely pea green galoshes that meine Mutti got me for my Birthday (thank you!)
  • turning the compost pile
  • making some raised beds and hauling in some soil
  • singing “here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way!”
  • attending the Cedar Rod & Gun Club’s 50th (?) annual smelt dinner (sounds weird, but we love it!)
  • watching the sap drip down the maple trees
  • planning Wren’s first birthday party
  • watching Wren discover the joys of mobility
  • listening to Wren babble
  • seeing Baby Turner #4
  • riding my bike to yoga again
  • taking family bike rides
  • going on our favorite wildflower hike to the Treat Farm in the Sleeping Bear Dunes. When will the trillium bloom this year, do you think, dear readers?
  • eating fresh asparagus every day
  • using the grill again
  • enjoying our front porch
  • morel-hunting in our favorite spots (no, of course we won’t tell you where those are, silly.)
  • and watching the spring bulbs pop out of the ground and push their way through the remains of winter, like this crocus:

What’s on your Spring Forward list, dear readers?

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  1. I love your lists – so ambitious – but knowing you, you’ll conquer all! Is that crocus one of the ones that got away from the tree rats last fall?

    • No, it’s not one of my crocus. Funny thing about the squirrels… now that the earth has been exposed in the areas where I planted the bulbs in the fall, they are digging their amazing holes there again. Even though they ate all the bulbs and there is nothing left to eat, they must still be smelling their remains. I laughed at them. Ha!

  2. I love lists! I have a bunch of “to-do” lists written on brightly colored stickies all over my laptop. Crossing things off gives me great satisfaction. I have one thing, and one thing only, on my “big spring forward list” – finish dissertation and graduate on May 17th (hmmm…maybe that’s two things). That big item is broken down into lots of lists with lots of tasks – hence all the stickies ; ) Hooray for lists! I’d lose my mind without them.

    • I meant to reply to this a week ago. Yikes! A week.
      I am in love with stickies too.

      So excited about your dissertation and graduation – it is coming up. Yahoo for YOU! How will you celebrate? What will you do professionally after this big step?

      Speaking of your list, I can clearly remember your hand-writing. Isn’t that funny? Would you say it’s the same as it was in about 7th grade? xo

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