mid-winter lovelies

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but it’s still decidedly mid-winter in northern Michigan. Although the bikinis are out in full force at Target, I’m still bundling my little birdie up and hoping for another solid month of skiing. Check out these hand knit lovelies for the wee ones in our lives… So cute!

I also had to share this cool snow sculpture of winter love birds that was erected in downtown Traverse City last weekend. One more reason to love living here! Thankfully, we do not take ourselves too seriously in the blustery north country.

After a rough week in our nest, we’ll all be back together again tonight. Healthy and happy. Yahoo!

What will you be doing in your nest this weekend? I hope to be cooking, baking, skiing, working on the craft room and snuggling up with my family. Have a great one!

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