vicious cycle.

I’ve got myself all caught up in a vicious cycle. Here goes…

Up with Wren about four times every night for a bit (yep, Little Miss Fussy Pants is still visiting…) Between 4 and 5 a.m., I am wide awake, thinking to myself, “You should just get up so you have some time to yourself. Get some much-needed work done. Get some much-needed exercise. Get some much-needed cleaning done.” Then I go back to bed and wake up when Wren and Chris get up. By then I’m more tired than I was at 4 a.m. Arrghh. Me-time? Lost. Except for a few moments here and there and of course, right now when the little birdie is taking a nap. Then I get a wee bit grumpier over the course of the day, but am too tired after putting Wren to bed to do my much-needed items. Plus I want to spend time with Chris so we can enjoy some much-needed time together–just the two of us. And the cycle begins again. I DID sneak in a shower today so I’ve got that going for me.

And I’m wearing my new orange scarf so I’ve got that to be cheerful about too. Thanks, Carolyn!

And there’s some new white stuff coming down out there and things are looking pretty again. Yeah!

Dear readers, any thoughts on breaking the cycle?


  • Finally was able to watch some of the Olympics. Funny how it makes me equal parts inspired and dejected at the same time. Those people work really hard! For a really long time! I don’t think I’ve ever worked that hard at one thing in my whole life.
  • Enjoyed watching some of Westminster last week too. Those dogs make me smile. Those trainer ladies do not. Well, they do, but that’s just me being mean. Schadenfreude. Can’t help it!
  • We’re headed to Chicago this coming weekend. So very excited to see family and friends and get out of our nest a bit. Can you say Cabin Fever?


5 thoughts on “vicious cycle.

  1. I love your writings. I think I gravitated toward them because I am missing having a wee one around. Never thought I would say that. My daughter is 27 and lives in Telluride now.

    I think that the restlessness and time management issues apply to everyone no matter what the life circumstance, but the ALL CONSUMING time is when we have wee ones around. What a wonderful miracle that time is. I am now looking forward to the time when I can be a Grandmother. I miss the messy peanut butter and jelly face and the endless questions.

    I CAN say cabin fever because I have just broken my leg severely and had to have surgery. I am layed up for 3 months. For some reason the depth of the pain takes me back to being a young mother…even birth.

    i love your writings. Keep sharing and thanks for inviting me in!

    • Thank you, Susan, for reminding me of the daily miracles. I try to remain cognizant of it, but the past ten days have shifted my axis a bit. Thanks for bringing me back around. Best wishes to you in your recovery. Hope these three months bring you thoughtful contemplation, peace and some fun. When you’re done healing, spring will be here and you can run around in the mud again. I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts!

  2. Oh, Ash, I’m so tired just reading your post. Life just never has a good outlook with loss of sleep. Sorry Wren-chen is fussy. Hopefully you can still have enjoy Chicago. As I have been watching the Olympics, I was remembering our trip to Slovenia and seeing the ski jumps. They were scary without snow! Crazy kids is what I think while watching most of the events.

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