phoebe walks!


Our littlest birdie is walking! She’s actually been walking here and there for a few weeks, but I think she’s mostly walking and just a tiny bit scooting now. Snap! She’s a toddler. I love this stage when one day, she’s a baby and the next–really, the next–she’s walking away from me with arms full of stuff. The strength to size ratio at this age is so crazy! As Chris says, she’s like an ant. Except, um, so much cuter! I had forgotten how much I love this year from one to two as I was mourning the loss of Phoebe as a baby in our arms. This curious, beautiful sponge is keeping us on our toes, right where we should be.

She walks!

Yes, the little birdie walks! And with gusto. It’s joyful (with a hint of terror!) to hear the pitter-patter of her steps ’round and ’round the house. And she’s awfully proud of herself. Truth be told, her Mamma is tearfully proud too. Sniffle sniffle. Wasn’t she just a tiny little lady who smelled like sugar cookies, fresh from the safety and warmth of Mamma’s womb? Sigh.

Needless to say (err, write), we’ve been a bit busy to be spending too much time in good ole Cyberspace. Little Miss Go Big or Go Home has been a hoot lately. 13 months was a tough time with a lot of frustrations and changes, but 14, almost 15 months? A riot! Wren has been settling in well to her two mornings at school. She still cries a bit when I leave her, but within a few minutes she’s fine. Whew.

So what’s my other excuse for ignoring you lovelies lately? Summer! We’ve been spending a lot of time in the water, trying to escape the high heat and humidity. I love Mother Nature’s air conditioning, don’t you? Although I am happily wearing long sleeves today, I wouldn’t mind another month or so of playing at the water’s edge with the little birdie. Aah, the simple things.

How’s your summer been going? Have you found some means of escaping the oppressive heat and humidity? Chris likes to remind me to store it up for the long winter ahead, but I haven’t figured out exactly how to do that yet… you? Any tips?

Happy Monday, dear readers! I have a lot to catch up on with you. I have literally started four other posts, but haven’t completed them yet. In time.