Summer’s fading, lovelies. I happily wore jeans today and although I know we’ll have more days full of sweating and swimming and cursing the humidity, the dog days are (probably) behind us. I thought before I got ahead of myself and started thinking about wearing socks again, I should check in with my summer list and see how we’ve been doing. So here goes.

  • enjoy my annual corn dog at the Cherry Festival  CHECK!
  • can and/or pickle something from our garden Not yet, because pesto doesn’t really count although I put it in a jar.
  • pick strawberries (DONE!) and blueberries to put up (freeze, jam, bake?)  CHECK!
  • eat a fresh sandwich from the Village Cheese Shanty in Leland  CHECK!
  • take the girls to the Northwest Michigan Fair. “Goin’ to the fair, goin’ to the fair, goin’ to the Northwest Michigan Fair!”  (Wren went with Grandpa and Grandma so this counts!) CHECK!
  • stay up late to be awed by the Perseid meteor showers in August (I tried looking several times this past weekend from our house and I think it was just too darn light in the bustling metropolis of Traverse City, boo.)
  • dance with the little birdies at the Cedar Polka Fest. CHECK!
  • take in a film at the Traverse City Film Festival. NOPE. Boo!
  • finish painting the house. CHECK! We hired Student Painters and it was finished in three days (more on that soon, yippppeeeee!)
  • update the kitchen and move the oven up before the littlest birdie is on the move  Not yet…
  • speaking of moving birdies… enjoy watching the littlest birdie begin to move  She mostly goes in circles still. But not for long!
  • enjoy lots of park picnics CHECK!
  • visit all the playgrounds in the area CHECK! Well, not all, but a lot so far.
  • swim with Melissa. Not yet!
  • train hard for the Sleeping Bear 1/2 Marathon in October. Training is just really getting going…
  • continue losing weight and getting fitter (did I tell you I’ve been doing an early morning boot camp? oof) Still boot camping!
  • help Wren develop her swimming skills. She has turned into a little fish this summer. So fun to see!
  • have a date night with Chris at Siren Hall with evening sunshine, gin and tonics and shrimp. CHECK! We’ve had TWO date nights, thank you very much.
  • take our first family camping trip (also taking tips and recommendations, but not your horror stories, please and thank you!) Not yet, but hopefully soon…

How ’bout you, lovelies? Are you savoring the remains of summer? I’m soaking it up while staring at a school supply list (markers!) for Wren for her primary program. Less than a month! Oh my.