The Birdies. 10/52

A portrait of my birdies, Wren and Phoebe, once a week for every week of the year.

The week of the Phoebes. This kid.

Playing dress-up.


Lying down in the tub. Chris took this one.


Smelling our Christmas cactus.IMG_7267

Wrecent Wren. Really into LEGO these days. She’s mostly abandoned the kits and builds her own now. This is when LEGO gets real.


take a picture of this

Wren’s into the camera now. She loves to set up a scene and direct me to “take a picture of THIS.” Here’s one of her recent scenes. She orchestrated the entire happening, including the arrangement of all the items, wardrobe and getting Phoebe to do exactly what she wanted her to do. This is no easy feat.



Wren was very pleased with the outcome as you can see in her proud face. Phoebe? I’m not quite sure. But she’s getting used to playing with her sister. No worries; although she’s tiny, she’s very assertive…

Another way we’ve been keeping ourselves busy this winter. You?

seed catalog time


Those seed companies really have their finger on the pulse of the Polar Vortex, don’t they? Just when we get buried in another blanket of white, the seed catalogs arrive in our mailbox. Perfect timing! Phoebe has really taken to these catalogs. Like Wren has for the last couple of winters, Phoebe will get to choose a couple things to grow this coming year.

Hopefully there’s some room left for all the different types of cabbage I want to grow this year! I took a class on fermenting earlier this week. We made our own curried ginger sauerkraut and learned how to make kombucha and kimchi. Ferment on!


While I’m not one to lament winter and begin the “days to spring” countdown yet, it’s fun to dream about getting dirt under our fingernails again…

Have you started your gardening plans for the year yet?

22 months


Phoebe Jane is 22 months old now. Oh, one, where are you going? You’re getting away from me too quickly. I just love this year from one to two. And of course there’s magic and wonder and all of the above in two to three, but there’s also a tiny bit of dread. Baby is going away. Toddler of two? Oh my.

Truth be told, a held a dear friend’s less-than-24-hours-old baby boy and Phoebe–while still tiny–is clearly NOT a baby anymore. She runs and jumps and climbs, talks more and more every day, is quick with a smile and giggle, loves to use the potty (!) and dance, kick the soccer ball and swing HIGH. Sometimes she’s like a train wreck. Often she’s a sweet snuggle, a wide-eyed ray of pure sunshine. We love you, darling little birdie.

15 months


Our funny little bunny, Phoebe Jane, is now 15 months old. She’s still a tiny little birdie, but so full of personality. And a fierce lover of chocolate, just like her Papa. If I had to choose just one word, however, to describe this dear child it would be “sweet.” She just radiates sweetness. She loves to snuggle, hug and kiss her dolls and cuddle up with anything and (almost) anybody. Happy 15 months, lovely lady!


art for her sister


All by herself (remember “do it SELF!!!”) Wren made a picture for Phoebe “of Phoebe in the sandbox.” I didn’t even know she was doing it until it had already been completed and Wren was giving it to Phoebe. Such a sweet moment. Every day there’s some sweetness. Tempered with Wren screaming at Phoebe, “stop following me!” or “stop looking at me!” or getting really angry because Phoebe’s into all of her stuff. It’s hard living with babies in your stuff! I know.