seed catalog time


Those seed companies really have their finger on the pulse of the Polar Vortex, don’t they? Just when we get buried in another blanket of white, the seed catalogs arrive in our mailbox. Perfect timing! Phoebe has really taken to these catalogs. Like Wren has for the last couple of winters, Phoebe will get to choose a couple things to grow this coming year.

Hopefully there’s some room left for all the different types of cabbage I want to grow this year! I took a class on fermenting earlier this week. We made our own curried ginger sauerkraut and learned how to make kombucha and kimchi. Ferment on!


While I’m not one to lament winter and begin the “days to spring” countdown yet, it’s fun to dream about getting dirt under our fingernails again…

Have you started your gardening plans for the year yet?

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