I’m truly blessed with so many abundances. I really am. I’m healthy and I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful child with whom I get to spend my every single day, a cozy home, supportive & fun family and friends. I just snuck in a shower and a cup of coffee. And that beautiful child is taking a snooze. The list goes on.

And yet, I find myself in want. Of these:

or maybe these:


Will this wanting ever end? It is ridiculous, isn’t it? When we have so much and yet lust after more?  But they really are cute, aren’t they? And the pea green ones are on sale at Zappos. And given my conundrum with my current boots… oof.


  • So that sugar detox didn’t go so well last night. After a delicious dinner, we treated ourselves to peppermint ice cream with Sander’s hot fudge and a cookie. Then later with Bananagrams, we chowed on Good & Plentys. Oy yoy yoy. Time to begin again, Finnegan.
  • Orange is my favorite color today. Yessirreee. You saw those orange boots, right?
  • Mixed in with the Valentine’s Day candy at Meijer was a big box of Cadbury Eggs. WHAT?!