It’s so exciting to see Wren begin to legibly and confidently write letters and show an interest in learning to read. She’s always loved books and wants to read a mountain of books every night before bed. After intense negotiations, we usually settle on three because that’s about all I can keep my eyes open for before she starts nudging me to stay awake.

We’re going to be starting the DISTAR reading method soon to capitalize on her interest in learning to read. I checked out Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons from our library and we’ll be jumping into it soon. Hopefully this will complement the Montessori pre-reading work she’s been doing in school. Wren and I are both excited. We’ll see how it goes. If she doesn’t enjoy the 20 minute lessons, I’ll set the book down and try again later. We’re not in a rush, but I wanted to strike while the iron’s hot, as they say. Here.we.go!

Any early reading advice, lovelies?