dear santa


As dictated by Wren today…

“Dear Santa,

I do want that water slide now. I’m at my house and I want you to come and give that water slide to me.

I want something else too, in addition to the water slide. I want some pink moose antlers because I’ve been such a good girl.

I want some pink wrapping paper and I want a small, blue blanket for Phoebe. And I want more pink wrapping paper just for Phoebe to rip.

I also want a pink rosemary plant for Phoebe to rip.

I want Mama to have another elephant book. Bring Papa some new duckies to play with in the bath with me. I want Papa to have a new lantern in his room. And I want Mama and Papa to have new socks like I got last year.

Love, Wren on Fifth Street in Traverse City (where there are NO monsters!)

Oh! Also I want a new sweatshirt that is pink and blue on both sides, well actually not on both sides but on each side.”

the list

For a while whenever I asked Wren what she wanted for Christmas, she would say, “Oh Mama, just a card.” It was like talking to my Grandma, but she was dressed in bright pink 2T fleece. Then “just a card” turned into “presents” and then last night the list turned more specific. I plan to update this list in the next few weeks to reflect any changes, which I’m sure will likely happen on (at least) a daily basis. Tune in for more Christmas fun as we, as Wren likes to say, “start up Merry Christmas!!!!”


yellow tape
purple yellow socks
peanut butter toys
a live animal toy
two little dog fish
little windows
a tiger
a fish puzzle


a pink ribbon for my hair


frozen pig