welcoming the waiting


Welcome, Advent! We’ve been preparing our nest and hearts for this special period of waiting. Waiting is hard work for children and who am I kidding? Waiting is still hard at 35. It helps to have a special “Christmas is Coming” activity every day. Instead of getting too wrapped up in the rush, rush, rush, buy, buy, buy, owe, owe, owe, we’ve been trying to do things at toddler-speed with a bit of decorating here, a bit there. Some gingerbread cookie baking and some Christmas decoration making. Of course we’ve been doing a lot of Christmas story reading and listening. It is indeed a magical time and even more so through the wonder-full eyes of wee ones.



Some new activities we’re looking forward to this Advent season include a special Wren-and-Mama-only (rare!) date to see The Nutcracker and Wren’s first part in a play: Mary in the church Christmas pageant. Whee!

Chris and the girls have been decking the halls together… Fa la la la la la la la la.



May your Advent be filled with quiet, peace and time with friends and family. And perhaps even a few swigs of Sambuca while looking at the neighborhood Christmas lights. Ahem. Enjoy!