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The Polar Vortex continues here in northern Michigan, although we’ve got less than three weeks until spring. It’s been in the single digits almost every day for a while. This has meant that we’ve had A LOT of indoor time. It feels like we’re at school/work, car, home, store, church, repeat as needed. The windchills have been so low that we just don’t last too long outside, especially the littlest birdie. So we’ve been trying to embrace our indoor time (cabin fever…) with some creative activities (lots of painting and drawing) and lots of free play. Oh, and about five thousand YouTube clips of Frozen. Ahem.

Sight word study. Great use for plastic eggs from last year…


Wren made me a sticker set from little white Avery labels. Oh my, my hands are dry.


The girls have been playing pretty nicely together. Most of the time. They made a big forest scene then ran the train through it.


Then all hell broke loose. Well, not really, but you know how it goes… all this indoor free play gets, err, messy.


How is your cabin fever, lovelies?



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  1. Ash…. the overhead is marvelous… I don’t know how you keep your sanity with the cold keeping everyone in. And that table next to the couch…. if you received it from your lovely Mom… you better take care of it.. it is about $2000. Yes.

    xoxooxox Dadeo

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