The Birdies. 3/52

Weekly portraits of Wren and Phoebe


Together. Bathing Birdies. These hugs don’t last long, but they sure are sweet.


Wren says, “take my picture, Mama.” Great face-framing, curly tendrils, this birdie has.


Phoebe likes to wear my “big girl shoes.” I love her piggie tails. Oink, oink.


0 thoughts on “The Birdies. 3/52

  1. Ahhhh….that is what I am talking about… twosome shots!

    And of course the shoe shot is just hilarious! Did you get your 8 inches of fluff? Nothing down here except cold. Just crazy…. I look at the calendar and it is a lll wrong…. but… if I throw another sweater on the fire it will all be fine.

    And speaking of my birthday…. no presents.

    I do hope you put together the birdie shots in a blurb book…. how wonderful that would be.

    xoxoxooxoxox Go Broncos!


    On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 8:58 PM, Be Squirrely

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